Yieldsf Food Cure

Yes food can cure! Your body works better when you provide it with better food. There are many medical problems that are caused by something you eat.

The real issue is that people do not know how to eat certain things with moderation. Like they always say, too much of anything is bad. Even drinking too much water can lead to electrolyte deficiency.

If you eat a lot of food that is very low on nutrients, your body will not function correctly. For example, if you are low on folic acid, overtime you can develop things like anemia.

If you visit your doctor and he determines you have anemia he might prescribe an iron supplement. He may also ask you about what kinds of food you eat.

There are also other foods that wont cause a large medical issue. They will however cause other annoying issues like sore throats and stuff noses.

For example if you suffer from acid reflux, if you eat a lot of greesy and spicy foods, you could over time cause damage to your esophagus.

Its good to know what effect of food on your body will be. There are some foods that are healthier than others. Here is a quick video that shows some of them.